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Kiss Me When He's Gone (2021)

7 min 0 sec  | Mariana Elizabeth  Lou DeNardo Nate Muhlbach |  Director Nick Muhlbach

When a love from the past comes back into Lily's life, she must make a decision to stay with Tom, or run away with Mel. 

Stream the project on vimeo!

This project was created for the Funmill Film Fest 2 short film competition, where you are given the first page of a script and have to write a 7 minute short.

This short is currently on a festival run.

Kiss Me When He's Gone is currently featured in the following festivals:

Funmill Film Fest 2


"Kiss Me When He's Gone"

Starring Mariana Elizabeth, Lou DeNardo, and Nathan Muhlbach

Written by Lou DeNardo

Music by Eli Manos

Directed and Edited by Nick Muhlbach

Troubadour Films 2021


Stream Kiss Me When He's Gone by clicking the poster here

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