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A Shattered Diamond

Coming Soon

Feature Film


A story of a group friends as they deal with the loss of one of their own, and learn how to move on.

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A Shattered Diamond has been featured at the following film festivals:


Anatolia International Film Festival
Iconic Images Film Festival
New York Istanbul Short Film Festival
Golden Bridge İstanbul Short Film Festival
Montreal Independent Film Festival
The Cut Film Series
SonderBlu Film Festival
London Director Awards (Semi Finalist)
Aphrodite Film Awards (Semi Finalist)
Prague International Film Awards (Finalist)
Best Male Actor Award (Finalist)
Film Today (Finalist)
Best Indie Film Award (Finalist)
Cult Movies International Film Festival (7th Season) (Finalist)
Best Female Actress Award (Finalist)
London International Monthly Film Festival (Finalist)
Art Film Awards - Monthly Competition (Honorable Mention)
Paris Film Awards (Honorable Mention)

Medusa Film Festival (15th Season ) (Best Feature)
Monthly Future Of Film Awards: Best Indie Feature Film, Honorable Mention: Feature Film Honorable Mention: Director Feature Film, Honorable Mention: Drama Film, Honorable Mention: Original Screenplay, Honorable Mention: Poster)
Seoul International Short Film Festival (Best Feature Film)
Shiny Sparkle Independent Online Film Festival (Best Actress: Bre'Ana Nix, Best Actor: Lou DeNardo, Best Feature Film, Best Trailer, Best Director)
8 & Halfilm Awards (Best American Narrative Feature)
Pure Magic International Film Festival (Honor Award)
Toronto Indie Filmmakers Festival (Extraordinary Talents Award)
Stanley Film Awards (Best Original Film)
Hollywood Blvd. Film (Best Feature Drama)
Accord Cine Fest (Best Supporting Actor: Nick Earl, Best Supporting Actress: Bre'ana Nix, Best Producers: Nick Muhlbach & Lou DeNardo, Best Director: Nick Muhlbach, Best Drama Feature)
New York Movie Awards (Honorable Mention Best Indie Feature, Best Screenplay, & Best Actor: Tyler Winfield, Silver Award: Best Director)
The Indie Gathering International Film Festival (Unknown Yet)
Japan International Film Festival (Best Cinematography)
New Wave Short Film Festival (Best Director- Nick Muhlbach)

Starring Lou DeNardo, Tyler WInfield, Emily Bishop- Bosu, Bre'Ana Nix, Jenny Boswell, and Nick Earl

A Shattered Diamond- Official Trailer (2021) 4K Coming of Age Film #trailer #trending #shorts
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